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Environmental Policy

Congress Centre’s management team is committed to improving the venue’s environmental performance. The team has already put many measures in place and is always looking for new ways to become greener. Congress Centre currently carries out the following initiatives:


Congress Centre treats recycling with the utmost importance. The venue uses 100% recycled paper and has managed to reduce waste generated throughout the building from 5 Euro bins per day to 3 bins which is a great success, although it aims to reduce this even further. Congress Centre supplies recycled note pads, pencils, coasters, flipchart paper and pens for all meetings and the following materials are recycled as standard:


• Glass bottles

• Plastic bottles

• Paper

• Files (lever arch folders)

• Brochures

• Coloured paper

• Newspapers
• Magazines

• Envelopes

• Clear plastic pockets

• Toner cartridges

• Oil

• Paper cups

• Batteries


Energy Use

Energy-saving light bulbs have been installed wherever possible and the building has invested in a high efficiency (non-atmospheric) modular boiler to maximise efficiency of fuel gases. This type of boiler is more efficient and therefore consumes less gas than the standard atmospheric type. Congress Centre has also installed reactive censored lighting in all toilets in the building.


Congress Centre uses local suppliers wherever possible and expects all suppliers to recognise and reduce the environmental impact of their products, packaging and transportation.


Congress Centre promotes the use of Fairtrade tea, coffee and sugar at the venue.

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